DNA and RNA manipulation


Sub-cloning can be extremely time-consuming, especially when working with multiple sequences or isoforms at the same time and when plasmid backbones need to be customized.

We synthesize genes and sequences of any origin and sub-clone them in the most suitable customized-vector depending on the cliente’s needs (constitutive or inducible expression, translation-transcriptional reporters, introduction of selectable markers for stable cell line generation, etc.).

If destination plasmids are not available, RECOMBINA uses synthetic biology approaches for assembling novel expression plasmids.


Backed by more than 10 years of experience in RNA research, RECOMBINA can help and give technical support in projects involving RNA work. RNA integrity and quality are ensured in all our services: RNA extraction, cDNA synthesis, quantitative RT-PCR analysis, Northern analysis, in vitro RNA transcription, RACE, or sRNAs studies.

DNA and RNA manipulation