Recombinant proteins

RECOMBINA’s protein expression and purification service can optimize the expression conditions of your target protein.

We offer E. coli, Bacillus and yeast protein expression systems. In case expressed proteins aggregate denatured into insoluble inclusion bodies, RECOMBINA offers refolding services to purify and restore protein’s native conformation. The possibility of optimizing codon usage according to host specie is also available.

The service includes:

  • Design of optimization strategy
  • Test of 10 different expression conditions in E. coli, Bacillus or yeast and selection of optimal induction conditions
  • Purification by affinity and gel filtration chromatography techniques
  • Analysis of results by SDS-PAGE or bioanalyzer
  • Assessment of purified protein by Western blot
  • Quantification of purified protein
Recombinant proteins